CareSouth Launches Massive Rebranding Efforts

CareSouth Health System, Inc., a national senior care services provider based in Augusta, Ga., has announced the launch of a comprehensive rebrand that will emphasize its client-centric approach.

The company will begin the national rebranding of its CareSouth agencies across all CareSouth-branded business lines, including CareSouth Home Health, CareSouth Hospice, CareSouth Private Duty and CS Health & Wellness.

“Over the past two years, we have restructured our business to focus more succinctly on the needs of seniors,” said Rick Griffin, president and CEO of CareSouth. “With an aging population, more care should be taken to ensure that seniors are provided acceptable options so that when the need for health care and health care-related activities arise, seniors may receive those options while remaining in their residence of choice.”


The company’s rebrand will focus on The CareSouth Advantage, a disciplined approach to the development and growth of synergy within each part of the organization using consistent processes and practices. 

It includes the execution of a client-first service excellence program, ongoing development of and training for advanced clinical programs and services, combining clinical in-home services with the latest in technological advances in health care, and development and implementation of documented strategies of best practices within each department, agency and branch.

“The CareSouth Advantage ensures that more options are available to our seniors, in their residence of choice, and at the highest level of service experience possible,” Griffin said. 


The company launched the rebrand with the presentation of a new logo and website. 

Written by Emily Study

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