Amazon ‘Home Assistants’: The New Home Care Provider?

Amazon just about does it all, but one area that it is just dipping its toes into is “Home Assistants,” a new service to help keep customers’ homes clean.

The tip off was when a job posting was released in October for “Home Assistants,” according to a report from Engadget. Home assistants would perform tasks such as laundry, tidy up people’s homes and put groceries away.

Originally, the service was said to be offered as an added bonus for Amazon Prime customers, but the company has now removed any link to Prime, which means this could be a service available to any Amazon user in the future.

The popular e-commerce company had 304 million active customer accounts at the end of 2015 and about 54 million of those are Prime users.

Amazon dove into the home services market early 2015, when it launched Home Services. The difference is that Home Services taps into a third party to match its customers with professional help, but Home Assistants will all be Amazon employees, according to Engadget.

At this point, Amazon is only seeking out home assistants in the Seattle area, but want dedicated employees. To get these employees, the company is offering on-site training, options for Amazon stock, health insurance and flexible hours.

The program is only in the trial phase to feel out if there is a demand, but is something to keep an eye on in 2017.

Written by Alana Stramowski

Alana Stramowski




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