[Upcoming Webinar] Boost Your Agency’s Institutional Referrals

Date: December, 3, 2019
Time: 2pm EST
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Under PDGM, institutional referrals will be reimbursed at higher rates than community referrals, so now is the time to invest in your relationships with key people at hospitals, SNFs and LTCHs.

But just as there is competition for staff in the industry, there is competition for patients, especially ones that come from the more lucrative institutional side now. How do you differentiate your agency? How do you cultivate the right relationships? What marketing strategies work best to attract institutional referrals? What are other agencies doing that you are not?


Since most Home Health Agencies don’t have the resources to hire a full time VP, Marketing to build their strategy – we’re giving you two of them for a 60min webinar.

This webinar will cover:
— A review of the benchmark survey “2019 State of Institutional Marketing in Home Health Agencies.”
— Leveraging Account Based Marketing, Solution Selling, Social Media, Content and more cutting edge business development techniques.
— Virginia Dannen, a business development manager at Optimal Home Health will share her top 3 strategies she uses to grow institutional referrals.
— Rachel, from Citadel Healthcare will share what institutions are looking for in home health agencies when choosing which ones to add to preferred lists and recommend to patients on discharge.

Once you register, you will receive a short survey about how you are currently marketing to institutions and questions around what you are looking to learn more about. The answers are completely anonymous and will be used to create the 2019 State of Institutional Marketing Benchmark Report as well as guide the content for this webinar.


This “build your own webinar” will be full of the content that you have told us you want to learn about. It will be like having your own VP, Marketing helping you create a strategy to win new referrals and grow business from existing institutional relationships.

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