Alliance Homecare Partners With Sollis Health, Expands Care Offerings Past The Home

Alliance Homecare has teamed up with Sollis Health, a members-only urgent and emergency medical care concierge service. The partnership will give Alliance’s home health clients access to complimentary Sollis memberships.

The partnership allows Alliance to extend care for its clients beyond the home in the event of emergencies or more acute illness, Amanda Howland, director of client services at Alliance, told Home Health Care News.

“We’re always looking for the best opportunities and options for our clients,” she said. “We had a relationship with Sollis Health, and what they’re doing is really incredible, in terms of the members-only model and the model for their emergency room-level services. We wanted to make sure that our clients felt that this was something that was accessible to them, and so making it a complimentary service was also very important to us.”


Founded in 2006, the New York-based Alliance is headquartered in Manhattan. The agency operates throughout New York and its surrounding suburbs. The company offers personal care and in-home nursing services, as well as concierge services.

On its end, Sollis operates 24/7 concierge medical centers in New York, Los Angeles, the Hamptons, Palm Beach and San Francisco. These centers offer care for everything from emergencies to everyday checkups.

“As part of their membership, in addition to the brick and mortar facilities, they also have care navigation,” Howland said. “In the event that a client needs a referral, they can go to Sollis rather than wait for their doctor. That care navigation tool is very attractive to us. If it’s something we can’t assist with in the home setting — Sollis has those relationships.”


Alliance’s clients will gain access to Sollis centers, telemedicine, same-day appointments, on-site comprehensive lab services, care navigation and more.

For now, the Sollis memberships are available for Alliance’s long-term clients.

“The majority of our clients are with us for a longer duration,” Howland said. “When I say longer, we don’t have an exact metric that quantifies that, but someone who’s looking to use our services on an ongoing basis. They have a chronic condition — Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, somebody who has serious nursing — those are the typical diagnoses or demographics of our clientele.”

Prior to the partnership, Alliance and Sollis already had a long-standing informal relationship. The collaboration builds on that.

“We worked in similar markets for years, and we’ve always respected what they’ve been doing,” Howland said. “They, in turn, have referred us to their clients that needed home care, so there’s been a great relationship there. In discussions over the last few months, we determined that we’d be able to provide this partnership complimentary to our clients and Sollis was more than happy to extend that membership to them.”

Ultimately, Howland views the company’s partnership with Sollis as part of its larger efforts to deliver a unique care experience for its clients.

“A lot goes into the care of an individual, and that care is not, in our experience, limited to just getting support in the home with activities of daily living,” Howland said. “Our mission has always been that, while we’re going to provide the highest level of care, we’re also going to be providing our clients with a holistic approach.”

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