Poll: Nearly 50% of Home Care Providers to Cut Staff

A controversial Affordable Care Act provision could be pressuring a notable proportion of home health providers to shed workers, suggest findings from a recent Home Health Care News poll. Nearly half of respondents to the poll (48%) said they will reduce staff due to the ACA’s so-called “employer mandate,” while fewer said they will not […]

D.C. Court Hears Home Care Minimum Wage, Overtime Arguments

The ongoing debate on whether home care workers should be afforded minimum wage and overtime protections entered a new chapter Thursday in a Washington, D.C. courtroom. Three judges with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit heard oral arguments from attorneys in the case Home Care Association, et al. v. Weil, […]

The 4 P’s of Being a Great Home Care Worker

Training that brings home care attendants together with individuals in need of services can help the workers cultivate the most important skills and characteristics for the job—but these types of training programs face threats such as state funding cuts, according to recently released findings. Investigators affiliated with Rutgers University and Widener University conducted interviews with […]

Home Health Aide is Fastest Growing Temp Job in 2015

The number of home health aides employed on a temporary basis is expected to increase significantly over the next four years, outpacing almost all other temporary occupations, according to recently released findings. Home health aide is the fastest growing temporary occupation among those paying a median wage less than $15 per hour, Forbes reported Tuesday, […]

Home Care Attracts Hospital Partnerships with Social Work Services

In collaborating with hospitals to reduce preventable readmissions, home care agencies that embrace a social work approach stand to be the most valuable partners, according to experts who recently addressed providers in Chicago. Since the advent of the Affordable Care Act, hospitals have been placing more emphasis on tracking readmissions, especially now that they are […]

How to Reduce Turnover Without Raising Home Care Wages

With home care workers in the midst of a nationwide push for higher wages, employers in the industry might naturally think that dissatisfaction with compensation is the main factor behind turnover. But pay very likely is not the primary reason care workers leave the job, and home health companies could improve retention — and their […]

How Home Care Agencies Can Unlock Hidden Growth Potential

Unhappy clients are an inevitable part of any business, but they can be especially damaging in home care as the industry continues to grapple with the twofold task of retaining both clientele and the caregivers that serve them. There is, however, a low cost way providers can tackle this double-edged dilemma without having to spend […]

From Patient to Provider: One Home Health Owner’s Strategy

As the home health care industry booms with interest from Americans increasingly seeking to age in place, one new agency is finding its way around the bustling market. Jacksonville, Florida-based Family Focused Home Health Care, a private duty home care agency, recently became licensed by the Agency for Health Care Administration and is opening its […]

How Providers Can Adapt to Shifting Role of Home Care Aides

Private duty home care companies face an ongoing challenge in knowing what services their aides are allowed to perform, but they can stay compliant—and successfully coordinate with other types of in-home caregivers—through smart hiring, rigorous training and a commitment to being informed. New Jersey is one of the flashpoints for this issue: The Garden State […]

Moving On Up: Home Health Care People and Positions (3/5/15)

Almost Family Appoints Former U.S. Tech Officer to Board of Directors Almost Family, Inc. (NASDAQ: AFAM), a Louisville, Ky.-based national provider of home health and nursing services, this week appointed Annesh Chopra a new board member. Chopra is the former U.S. Chief Technology Officer under President Barack Obama. Co-founder of NavHealth and Hunch Analytics, Chopra […]