Hospital At Home, Home Infusion Remain Untapped Opportunities For Traditional Home-Based Care Providers

On Thursday, the American Journal of Infection Control released a troubling study on home infusion delivery. The study’s findings seem – at the surface – like bad news for care-at-home progress. But after speaking with one of the study’s co-authors, what I’ve found is an opportunity for home-based care providers. Some believe that home health […]

Health Care System Can’t Afford to Make Blockbuster’s ‘Netflix Mistake’ with In-Home Care

The federal government and other private stakeholders play an important role in addressing the unique challenges of accelerating hospital-at-home delivery. That’s according to a group of health care experts who spoke on the future of hospital-at-home models during a Friday webinar hosted by the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics at the University of Pennsylvania. […]

‘Nurses Are Horrified’: Hospital-at-Home Programs Taking Flak, But Model’s Long-Term Growth Is Undeniable

“Resistance to change is proportional to how much the future might be altered by any given act.” The quote, a line from American horror author Stephen King, perfectly describes the situation in which hospital-at-home programs find themselves. As of Nov. 11, 83 health systems and 187 hospitals in 34 states were participating in the Acute […]

‘Par for the Course’: Why Hospital-at-Home Models Took So Long to Catch On

“This really isn’t a new model.” That’s what many home-based care operators and health systems think after they’re asked about the recent hospital-at-home boom in the U.S. In actuality, hospital-at-home models surfaced in the 1990s. Early adopters included Johns Hopkins University, which pioneered its own concept — and proved that it worked — decades before […]

CMS Launches ‘Unprecedented’ Hospital-at-Home Strategy to Manage Latest COVID-19 Surge

In an effort to increase hospital capacity amid the current COVID-19 surge, the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) on Wednesday announced “unprecedented” flexibilities around providing hospital-level care for patients in their homes. Similar to CMS’s recent allowances surrounding telehealth, the agency’s latest efforts are focused on lifting barriers that could potentially hinder […]

Home-Based Medical Care Can Reduce Hospitalizations and Lower Costs — But It’s Still Underutilized

While home-based medical care has been shown to reduce hospitalization rates and lower costs for both homebound and non-homebound populations alike, it continues to be drastically underutilized in the current health care ecosystem. As a result, there are millions of older Americans — especially those living in rural areas — who are going without the […]

Hospital-at-Home Programs Ready to Play Critical Role If Coronavirus Cases Spike

Across the country, state and federal officials are trying to solve one crucial problem: how to increase hospital capacity as the number of acute COVID-19 cases increases. Some — including New York Governor Andrew Cuomo — have recently called for the retrofitting of existing non-medical buildings. Others have suggested turning low-occupancy skilled nursing facilities into […]

Hospital-at-Home Models, Home Health Partners Primed to Disrupt US Health Care System

With a shared goal of shifting more care into the home and improving patient health outcomes at a lower overall cost, hospital-at-home programs and at-home care providers are natural allies. But there are a number of hurdles that stand in the way of partnership opportunities truly taking off. Broadly, hospital-at-home programs attempt to provide acute, […]

Full Care Spectrum Will One Day Be Provided In People’s Homes

The full continuum of care will likely be provided in people’s homes in the not-so-distant future. That includes everything from informal and formal personal care services to skilled home health and home-based primary care, experts say. It even includes emerging hospital-at-home models, though the lack of an existing supply chain may present a serious hurdle. “Home-based […]