Readmissions, ER Trips Higher Among Minority Groups in Home Health

Home health may improve patient outcomes and lower overall care costs, but it might be working better for white patients compared to minority groups, a recent study has found. About 12 million people in the United States rely on home health care, often to help manage conditions including diabetes, heart failure, osteoarthritis and hypertension, according […]

Aging Population Remains at Home Longer Through New Care Research

Research under way at the University of Missouri is working toward an emergency care solution for older Americans who live alone in rural areas and don’t have access to the same care networks as their counterparts in more highly populated areas.  The solution is based on education and communication of a series of stories, or […]

Research Shows Sensors Lead to Aging-in-Place Success

Aging in place with the help of in-home care is getting a major boost from technology, writes the Associated Press. From motion sensors to mattress monitors, home care is becoming more viable with the help of new gadgets.  Researchers at the University of Missouri are ramping up efforts to test some of the devices in […]