Program Basics

Find out which agencies will be involved in the VBP demonstration, how they will be scored and how their payment will be affected.

High Stakes

VBP offers an opportunity for high-performing agencies to become even stronger in their markets and may be greatest for smaller providers in underserved markets. 


Prepare for Success

Best practices that can help agencies come out on the winning side when Medicare penalties and rewards are calculated.


Seize the Opportunity

Value-based purchasing (VBP) has made 2016 a watershed year for home health. Agencies in nine states are mandated to take part in the new payment system that officially took effect on January 1.


Providers that excel in VBP will increase their revenue and have the potential to grow the overall value of their business; those that fall short will contend with shrinking margins and could take serious hits in the marketplace—or even be forced to close their doors permanently.

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How to Seize the Value-Based Purchasing Opportunity

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