Kinnser Reinvents Home Health and Hospice Software with New Features

National home health and hospice software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider Kinnser Software, Inc. aims to bring more simplicity and transparency to its clients who use the company’s flagship Kinnser Agency Manage platform.

Earlier this month, Kinnser announced that it had completely reinvented and redesigned all new billing and revenue management tools within Kinnser Agency Manager, the result of a 13-month development period that drew detailed input from CPAs, home health industry experts and the company’s own client base.

“We believe billing starts at the point of care,” Kinnser Chief Operating Officer Chris Fountain told HHCN. “We want to empower clinicians to drive better outcomes, so we married that robust easy-to-use point of care suite with our own insights and those of our customers.”


The company found that a number of its users demanded more flexibility in using the software, especially as more agencies in the home health and hospice space look to diversify their service offerings in wake of regulatory changes, such as continued Medicare reimbursement pressures from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

“As lines of device diversify, requirements for agencies are becoming more complex,” said Kinnser Product Markteing Manager Shoma Sarkar. “We’ve completely changed the billing and financial system that we’ve been using to create a system that will support agencies today and into the future as they diversify lines of business.”

Several of Kinnser’s clients are home care agencies caring for over a 1,000 patients in their daily census with multiple brick and mortar locations, Sarkar added.


Oakwood Home Care Services of Michigan falls into that mix. A Kinnser client, Oakwood helped provide feedback on the new software capabilities as part of Kinnser’s extensive customer input process.

“As a large, hospital affiliated home health business, Oakwood requires comprehensive back-office solution to meet its billing and financial management needs,” stated Executive Director Marvin Al-Khafaji. “These tools will bring the power and flexibility needed to support Oakwood’s billing and financial management operations, including key capabilities like handling multiple claim types and fully supporting accrual accounting.”

Since its founding in 2003, Kinnser Software has processed $5.5 billion in Medicare claims through the software to its customers, Fountain said.

The company operates at a high degree of scale, he added, logging more than 175,000 user sessions online per day with over 2,000 agency relationships.

Written by Jason Oliva

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