Bain’s Home Care Group Makes First Acquisition, Eyes Further Growth

Bain Capital Double Impact’s newly formed home care group is expanding less than three months after its creation. And Arosa+LivHome’s growth won’t stop there.

Grayslake, IL-based Partners in Senior Care is the provider’s newest addition.

Financial terms are not being disclosed. Nor is information about whether the company will rebrand or change its name.


The deal furthers Arosa+LivHome’s goal of prioritizing caregivers.

“[Partners in Senior Care] understands at its core that to deliver great service to clients starts with being supportive of caregivers, training caregivers and saying thank you to caregivers,” Arosa+LivHome CEO Ari Medoff told Home Health Care News. “That’s directly in line with our mission.”

Partners in Senior Care was founded in 2003 by Trisha Menoni, who will retire, with help from Angie Landmesser, who will stay on as assistant area manager. In its 15 year history, the company has set a high bar for caregiver retention, which was 29% in 2018, according to Medoff. That’s less than half the industry average.


Since Bain acquired and combined Arosa and LivHome in October, prioritizing caregivers retention and appreciation has been a big part of its goal to differentiate the company.

Meanwhile, Partners in Senior Care has already made strides in professionalizing the job, Medoff said. For instance, it provides caregivers with polo-style uniforms and business cards. Eventually, Medoff hopes a large number of small changes like these will transform the high-turnover job into a desirable career.

“It’s not going to happen this week or next month, but over time we are going to change the business model to raise wages and provide better jobs,” Medoff said.

Arosa+LivHome’s acquisition of Partners in Senior Care also expands its presence in the Chicago area. The deal adds a second location there for the group.

“We feel that Chicago is a core market for us, and we are going to look to continue to grow our presence,” Medoff said. “I think there’s room for another office or two for us in the Chicago market.”

Now, with 16 locations across four states — California, North Carolina, Illinois and Texas — the provider is also eyeing further growth elsewhere.

“We are in active conversation with other high quality, well-established independent operators,” Medoff said, adding that organic growth is also paramount. “Our industry is just too fragmented, and we want to be a home for great operators and those looking to preserve a legacy or build upon a legacy of treating caregivers and clients the right way.”

Most importantly, Arosa+LivHome is looking for partners with great caregiver retention and appreciation, and that embrace innovation, Medoff said.

“Some of the conversations we’re having are in our existing geographies, and some are in new states,” he said. “I wouldn’t deter anyone from approaching us who is not in one of our existing markets.”

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