How One Home Care Provider Is Altering Its Client Payment Structure

The home care provider Pop-in Care has introduced a new pricing structure that will give discounts to families for its in-home care services.

The company already operates with a model based on short visits without minimum hourly or weekly time or visitation requirements. With that model in place, the new pricing structure will incentivize families and patients to pre-purchase the number of hours that can be used over the course of a month, starting from the date of purchase, according to the company.

The prepayment structure is set up to give families that only need minimum care services – as opposed to regimented and constant care – flexibility.


Pop-in Care believes the new payment structure will be easier for seniors who need help with personal hygiene, meal prep, companionship and similar services.

The discount is also supposed to make it easier for families that have loved ones transitioning from independent living situations to needing minimal or part-time care before needing full at-home care services.

In April, the California-based senior care company Parentis Health acquired Pop-in Care. For Parentis, the deal presented an opportunity to ensure the company was filling potential gaps in the care continuum.


“We know that home care can be expensive, and we wanted to create an option that allows clients more affordable in-home care without compromising on quality,” Parentis Health CEO and co-founder Tarek A. El Nabli told Home Health Care News in an email. “Our primary goals with this pricing model were to create affordable, cost-effective in-home care services to meet our clients’ specific needs and provide predictability for our clients’ future financial security.”

El Nabli started Parentis in 2003 and was motivated by the struggles he experienced in securing quality care for his own mother. Before starting his own company, he was an executive in the insurance and financial planning industries.

After starting with a small number of residential care facilities, Parentis began offering home health, hospice, home care and non-emergency medical transportation services in 2014.

At the time Parentis acquired Pop-in Care, Masha V. Petrova — chief marketing officer for Parentis Health — told Hospice News that the move extended the parent company’s service offerings to “deliver a more comprehensive experience to our clients and patients.”

Pop-in Care serves mainly the Southern California market in Orange County, Long Beach, Lakewood, Cerritos, Artesia, Norwalk and La Mirada. Aside from offering in-home care services, it’s also an approved vendor for several long-term care insurance companies.

“In-home care services usually require a 4-hour minimum, and we have found that many seniors are being turned away because other providers cannot service the 1-4 hour range, but we can,” El Nabli said. “With our new pricing model, we’re able to successfully service the individuals at an affordable rate with no minimum hours or long-term service contracts. Our pricing packages put clients in control of their care and provides them with the opportunity to choose the amount of care and specific services they want and need based on their personal budget.”

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