Home-Based Primary Care Organizations Clare Medical, Ennoble Care Agree To Merge

Clare Medical and Ennoble Care’s New Jersey Housecall Practices have agreed to merge. The combination of the two entities will create one of the largest home-based medical practices in the state.

Both entities believe that joining forces will allow the combined organization to improve access to home-based care services, while also expanding services.

Ennoble Care provides hospice, palliative care and home-based primary care throughout the Northeastern U.S.


On its end, Clare Medical is a home-based primary care provider that operates throughout New Jersey.

Home-based primary care is at the center of both organizations’ care delivery models. This was one of the main reasons behind the merger, Kush Das, CEO of Ennoble Care, told Home Health Care News.

“We do the same kind of work for our patients, which is home-based primary care work,” he said. “It’s just really nice to find a fit, in terms of how we approach and deliver care, as well as the cultural fit. I got to know Ron and Deb, who run Clare, and we share a lot of the same values, so it made a lot of sense.”


The merger gives Ennoble Care full coverage across the New Jersey market.

“We cover all of the counties, and we cover them relatively densely,” Das said. “When a patient calls us, we’ll be able to see them a lot faster. It’s very different to serve certain parts of the more rural areas in New Jersey versus the more urban areas. Combined, our footprint is fully comprehensive. When someone calls us now in New Jersey, we will be able to serve them, which was the goal.”

The combination of the two organizations also means the patients will have access to a wider array of home-based care services. This is especially important because Ennoble Care often serves patients that have difficulties leaving the home.

“Our patients are often homebound, they often have trouble getting around,” Das said. “We’re providing the kind of access that makes care as seamless as possible, which lowers the barriers to entry to seeking the kind of primary care that’s needed. We know that in the U.S. the wait time to see a primary care doctor is sometimes months long. That’s the thing that we also are trying to fix — the quickness of care delivery.”

Upon completion of the merger, Ron Lipstein, CEO of Clare, and Deborah Scott, director of operations of Clare, will lead the Company’s regional housecall operations. Das and the current Ennoble leadership team will continue to lead the broader company across service lines

“We are excited to join forces with Ennoble to form what we believe will be the leading in-home primary care provider in New Jersey,” Lipstein said in a press statement. “Together, we will leverage our combined expertise to meet the evolving needs of our patients and ensure that every patient receives the highest standard of care.”

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