Amazon’s New HIPAA-Compliant Alexa Skills Could Open Doors for Home-Based Care Agencies

Amazon’s Alexa now boasts HIPAA-compliant skills, a development that could create new opportunities for home-based care companies and the senior clients they serve. Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN) launched Alexa’s secure medical skill kit Thursday. Through the new kit, select entities are allowed to build Alexa skills that securely send and receive protected patient health information. So […]

Families Provide $36 Billion in Pediatric Home Health Annually

A huge market exists for pediatric home health in the United States, with families currently providing about 1.5 billion hours of care for their young loved ones each year. Replacing that care with a professional home health aide would total about $35.7 billion in 2015 dollars, according to newly released study findings. While those numbers […]

How Uber Might Soon Be Delivering Home Health Workers

Soon, Uber may be a more common way for home health workers to reach their clients. The popular ride sharing company recently partnered with Circulation, a Boston-based health care transportation platform that integrates with health care systems, as well as with Uber’s API. Right now, the goal of the partnership is to provide reliable non-emergency medical […]