Why Humana Chose Jim Rechtin As Its Next CEO

Humana Inc. (NYSE: HUM) announced Monday that Jim Rechtin would be succeeding Bruce Broussard in the CEO role on July 1. On Tuesday, Broussard explained why. Ultimately, the CEO succession plan had been in place at Humana for a while. Broussard has served in the CEO chair since 2013, and Rechtin was named his successor […]

How Amedisys, CenterWell Home Health Are Retaining Workers In 2024

Every home-based care provider wants to recruit and retain better this year than they did last year. But that’s easier said than done. Companies are constantly tinkering with their approaches to attract and retain skilled professionals, and are doing so in 2024 yet again. Between new recruiting processes, career advancement opportunities and more technology, there’s […]

CenterWell President Sanjay Shetty: ‘It’s Time To Give Home Health Its Due’

CenterWell President Dr. Sanjay Shetty knows home health care is an extremely valuable service. Unlike many other leaders, he’s in the position to prove it. For close to a year now, Shetty has led Humana’s (NYSE: HUM) health care services division, which includes CenterWell Home Health, CenterWell Primary Care and CenterWell Pharmacy. Previously, he was […]

CenterWell Home Health, BrightStar Care Hope To ‘Inspire’ New Home Health Nurses Through Pipelines

In recent years, home-based care providers have seen the value in being more hands on when it comes to building home health nursing pipelines. In order to pull this off, several providers have partnered with universities to create programs that will, ideally, lead to wider talent pools. CenterWell Home Health — Humana’s (NYSE: HUM) home […]

Humana Looks to CenterWell, Home Health Care Amid MA Headwinds

Home health care will be at the heart of Humana Inc.’s (NYSE: HUM) rebound plans, according to company leadership. An increase in Medical Advantage (MA) costs driven by “higher than anticipated” hospitalization costs were the main culprit for Humana’s grim outlook coming out of the fourth quarter. The significant uptick in utilization in Q4 has […]

Walmart Reportedly Interested In Reviving Humana Deal Talks

Humana Inc. (NYSE: HUM) remained in the headlines Friday, this time after being linked to Walmart (NYSE: WMT) in potential deal talks. Earlier this week, it was confirmed that Cigna Group (NYSE: CI) and Humana Inc. (NYSE: HUM) have already been in touch about a potential combination. But on Friday morning, the research advisory company […]

Humana’s Big Plans To Optimize CenterWell Home Health, Drive Value-Based Care

To bolster value-based care, Humana Inc. (NYSE: HUM) is launching a comprehensive initiative to reimagine its home health operations. Humana’s home health engine — CenterWell Home Health — continues to be one of its strongest performing arms. In its fee-for-service business, year-to-date episodic admissions are up 8.6%, while total admissions are up 5.1%. However, as […]

Humana’s CenterWell Launches At-Home Primary Care Program

CenterWell Senior Primary Care – a part of Humana Inc. (NYSE: HUM) – is expanding into the home. It announced Wednesday that, in select Georgia and Louisiana locations, patients would be able to receive at-home primary care services under its “CenterWell Primary Care Anywhere” program. CenterWell is Humana’s senior care services arm. It includes pharmacy, […]