Home Care Providers Face Federal Lawsuits Over Labor Violations

Several home care providers are facing lawsuits from the Department of Labor (DOL) for allegedly failing to pay workers overtime or minimum hourly wages, according to Bloomberg BNA. The lawsuits come just a few years after the in-home care industry was hit with a new regulation that ensured workers were protected by minimum and overtime wages. […]

Why There are More Payroll Lawsuits in Home Care

Home health care providers have been hit with several new regulations over the past few years, increasing operational challenges. And with more regulations on the books, some providers are finding themselves on the hook for not being compliant with the latest pay roll practices. Since 2015, the Department of Labor (DOL) has mandated that in-home care workers are […]

Sleep, Meals Do Not Count as Work Hours in NY Live-In Shifts

Sleep and meal times do not need to be counted as hours worked in a 24-hour shift for caregivers in New York, according to the latest statement from the state’s Department of Labor (DOL). The statement supplements an October 6 emergency regulation update regarding the state’s 24-hour/live-in care, in which the NY DOL re-emphasized the […]

Home Health Providers Eye 24-Hour Payments in New York State

This week, home health care providers in New York may have been breathing a sigh of relief after the state’s Department of Labor (DOL) re-emphasized that employers should pay caregivers for 13 hours of any 24-hour shift. However, conflicting statements are leaving providers in the state in limbo. The DOL issued an emergency statement in […]

Court Ruling Could Mean 24-Hour Wages for Home Health Aides

The New York State Supreme Court ruled on April 11 that caregivers can be paid for sleep and mealtimes in a 24-hour shift, representing a major upset for home care providers if the decision is upheld. Previously, caregivers in New York were entitled to 13 hours of pay for a 24-hour shift, if the home health aide […]

Editor’s Picks: $35 Billion in Medicare Spending, Overtime Ruling Appeal

With Congress in session, President-elect Trump making important picks for his incoming administration, and federal agencies remaining active during Obama’s lame-duck period, there was plenty of news to shake us from our turkey-induced stupors after Thanksgiving. Home Health Spending Tops $35 Billion Medicare spending for home health accelerated in 2015, according to the latest annual […]

Home Health Leaders Keep Close Watch on Overtime Outcome

Home health industry groups are eyeing some relief after a U.S. District Court judge pressed pause on an impending overtime rule that was originally set to hit the nation on Dec. 1. The overtime rule from the Department of Labor (DOL) would have increased the minimum salary threshold needed to qualify for overtime exemption benefits from […]

New Overtime Rule May Pose Little Threat to Home Care

A new wage rule that increases overtime benefits for millions of American workers is expected to put some wage pressures on employers across many industries, but how much it will impact home health care is still up for debate. The Department of Labor (DOL) recently issued its new overtime salary exemption limits that will become effective December […]

Editor’s Picks: Overtime Rule Raises Alarm

The Department of Labor finalized its rule on overtime for salaried workers this week, drawing concern from home health companies and other small businesses already feeling the pinch from rising labor costs. Readers were tuned in to this breaking news story, and no doubt the whole industry will be avid to learn more in the […]

[UPDATED] Labor Rule to Increase Overtime Burdens on Home Health Providers

Overtime pressures for home heath care agencies will increase following the Department of Labor’s (DOL) final rule on overtime requirements for salaried employees issued this week. The rule increases minimum salary requirements for overtime exemptions for salaried workers from its current level of $23,660 per year, or $455 per week, to $47,476 a year, or […]