Home Care Providers’ Creative Benefit Packages Are Paying Off

Spa services, discounts to local businesses and access to ride-share services are just some of the unique employee benefits that companies across home care have made available to caregivers over the years. Amid a persistently challenging labor market, home care companies are still constantly working on configuring the best possible employee benefits package for caregivers. […]

Why Home Care Leaders Are Now Banking On ‘Caregiver-First’ Cultures

Over the last several years, a notable trend is emerging in home care: Top-tier companies are shifting their focus from prioritizing customers to prioritizing caregivers. This strategic move reflects a growing recognition of the critical role caregivers play, and aims to address persistent caregiver shortages. “The trend has always been there, but I think now […]

Top Home Care Trends For 2024

The rising costs of home care were a trend in 2022 and 2023. They will remain one in 2024, and could finally come to a head. That’s only one trend, of many, that will impact home care providers in the new year. But it alone will also lead to other trends, such as increased M&A, […]

Investment Firm Firmament Backs Family Tree Private Care

Firmament — a New York-based investment management firm — has invested in Family Tree Private Care. “It was really important to [CEO] Alex Bonetti and I to find a debt partner who was well regarded in the health care industry and aligned with our vision for transforming the aging experience in private care,” Daniel Gottschalk, […]