In-Home Cancer Care Could Save Lives and Cut Costs, But Barriers Prevent Broader Adoption

The health care sector is rushing toward the home to improve outcomes and lower costs. At-home cancer care lags behind other areas, but COVID-19 could be a major push to a new future for treatment and screenings. In 2020, the virus has disrupted traditional cancer care in several ways, including by delaying procedures originally scheduled […]

Oncologists Advocate for Home-Based Cancer Care

To reduce costs to payers and improve outcomes for patients, more types of health care continue to move into the home. To further benefit patients, hospitals and payers, cancer treatment should be next, a recent article in the Journal of Clinical Oncology argues. While not common in the United States, home-based cancer treatment programs have […]

Specialized At-Home Cancer Program Reflects Larger Health Care Trends

In December, the University of Utah’s Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) launched a new program aimed at bringing hospital-level care into patients’ homes. The program allows patients to be discharged sooner and avoid costly emergency department visits. Dubbed “Huntsman at Home,” this initiative is the latest instance of health care’s shift to the home and the […]