Illinois Reaches ‘Historic’ Wage Increase Agreement with Home Care Workers

In what is being called a historic step forward on the wage and labor front, the state of Illinois recently reached two contract agreements with SEIU Healthcare Illinois — covering 30,000 home care workers. “After years of instability, I’m proud these contracts deliver good wages and good benefits to the people who offer this critical […]

Home-Based Care Industry Reacts As Illinois Raises Minimum Wage

Illinois has joined a number of states set to raise their minimum wage dramatically in the years to come. Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D-Ill.) on Tuesday signed a law raising minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025. The move has drawn praise from caregiver advocates and criticism from industry leaders — who worry home health […]

Illinois, California Considering Wage Hikes For Home Care Workers

Policymakers in two of the largest U.S. states—Illinois and California—are moving forward with plans to increase wages for some home care workers. In Illinois, state senators on Tuesday passed legislation that would effectively boost home care workers’ wages by at least $1 per hour from the current average of $10.98 per hour by July 1, 2018. Under the legislation, […]

Overtime Caps for Home Care Move Forward in Illinois

By late summer, some home care workers in Illinois may not be permitted to legally work more than 40 hours per week, The State Journal-Register reported. Specifically, Illinois’ Department of Human Services (DHS) is now free to implement a twice-deadlocked rule that prevents caregivers in the state’s Home Services Program from working overtime. The rule is […]

Home Health Worker Loses Bid to Object to Union Representation

Home health care workers do not have their First Amendment rights violated when union groups bargain on behalf of workers in Illinois, a Federal judge ruled. The issue stems from a lawsuit filed by a Illinois home health care worker named Rebecca Hill and others, who argued that allowing a union group—the Service Employees International […]

$15 Minimum Wage in Sight for Illinois Home Care Workers

As home care workers and state governments nationwide deal with the consequences of various wage rules, home care workers in one Midwestern state are holding their breath. In that state—Illinois—home care workers may soon make at least $15 an hour. The Illinois House of Representatives approved legislation on May 18 that raises about 24,000 home […]