Michigan Gov. Calls for Stronger Home Care Services

With an aging population that will see one in four Michigan residents reach age 60 or older by 2030, Governor Rick Snyder is pressing the state’s legislature for a stronger commitment to home- and community-based services, reports local ABC-10 News. 

Placing a stronger emphasis on home- and community-based services and funding services to end waiting lists will further improve Michigan’s ability to help its aging population live a healthy lifestyle, remain active and engaged in the community, ensure financial security during retirement and retain independence, according to Snyder.

“This is one of the biggest ones (issues),” Snyder said. “This is the task where we have about a $20 million budget ask of the state legislature this year. When I talk about home- and community-based services, this is what we’re talking about making Michigan a ‘no wait state’ in.”


Gov. Snyder also announced the development of an website that will allow adults to find information on aging-related topics, as well as access to programs and services.

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Written by Jason Oliva