Disrupt Podcast #48: Tim Hanold of Care Advantage

In June, Searchlight Capital Partners acquired a majority stake in Care Advantage, one of the largest in-home care companies in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Aside from giving the company more firepower for future M&A activity of its own, the deal will likely help Care Advantage accelerate its value-based care strategy. The in-home care provider already has a pay-for-performance pilot program with Anthem in Virginia, which it helps to build upon moving forward.

To learn more about Care Advantage’s M&A plans and value-based care efforts, Home Health Care News caught up with CEO Tim Hanold. Listen to this episode of Disrupt to learn:

— What the Searchlight Capital Partners investment means for Care Advantage’s future M&A strategy

— Why value-based care is still relatively rare in the home-based care space

— What providers need to know in order to achieve success under such risk-sharing arrangements

— And more!

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