Wildfires, COVID-19 and PDGM: Growing a Home Health Business During Moments of Crisis

Home health agencies are used to operating during moments of crisis. That’s especially true for California-based Medical Home Care Professionals, which has had to overcome several over the past few years. In 2018, for example, Medical Home Care Professionals operated during the historic Carr Fire that devastated nearly 230,000 acres across California’s Shasta and Trinity […]

Disrupt Podcast #36: Elaine Flores of Medical Home Care Professionals

The 36th episode of our podcast, Disrupt, is now available! Headquartered in Northern California, Medical Home Care Professionals is a small home health agency that has had to overcome big challenges over the past few years. In 2018, Medical Home Care Professionals had to operate through the historic Carr Fire. Right after that, it had […]

VillageMD CMO: The Future of Health Care Is Meeting Patients in the Home

Under the leadership of CMO and co-founder Dr. Clive Fields, VillageMD has grown from a primary care practice of 13 physicians in 2013 to a network of more than 2,600 physicians across nine markets. The Chicago-based VillageMD has taken an innovative, home-based approach to primary care ever since it was founded. Now, that innovative approach […]

Disrupt Podcast #35: Dr. Clive Fields of VillageMD

The 35th episode of our podcast, Disrupt, is now available! In 2013, co-founder and CMO Dr. Clive Fields helped launch primary care provider VillageMD as a 13-physician practice. Seven years later, VillageMD has grown to a 2,500-physician practice — one with an innovative care model partly shaped around the home. As one of its leaders, […]

Disrupt Podcast #34: Ken Albert, CEO and President of Androscoggin

The 34th episode of our podcast, Disrupt, is now available!  Founded in 1966, Androscoggin Home Healthcare + Hospice is the largest independent, nonprofit provider of home health and hospice services in the state of Maine. On top of those core services, Androscoggin also offers palliative care, transitional care, virtual care and more. At the helm of Androscoggin […]

Androscoggin CEO Ken Albert: COVID-19 Has Caused a Complete Shift in Our Operational Paradigm

Founded in 1966, Androscoggin Home Healthcare+Hospice is the largest, nonprofit provider of home health and hospice services in the state of Maine. In recent years, Androscoggin has also expanded into palliative care, transitional care and more, according to CEO and President Ken Albert. The provider has long been bullish on telehealth, too, signing its first […]

Disrupt Podcast #33: Anne Tumlinson, CEO of ATI Advisory

The 33rd episode of our podcast, Disrupt, is now available! Home care agencies nationwide are eager to partner with Medicare Advantage plans, but doing so is easier said than done. However, mid-year flexibilities recently announced by CMS instantly opened up new opportunities for providers. In this episode of Disrupt, you’ll hear from Anne Tumlinson, CEO […]

Disrupt Podcast #32: Joe McDonough, Founder and CEO of Nizhoni Health

The 32nd episode of our podcast, Disrupt, is now available! While the coronavirus brings a number of direct challenges for home-based care operators, it presents several secondary hurdles as well. Among them: an exacerbation of mental illness and behavioral health conditions, especially for isolated older adults. Nizhoni Health is a growing home health provider based […]