Homewatch CareGivers Launches Tech-Driven Personalized Care Program

Homewatch CareGivers has launched a new suite of services, dubbed Total Care Solutions, designed to cater to a more personalized home care experience for clients and their families.

The franchise company is also launching Homewatch Connect, a smart camera system that aims to promote longer independence at home, reduce isolation and boost social engagement.

“This all-inclusive suite of services is designed to provide personalized care to clients, allowing the opportunity to get into care earlier and stay longer,” Homewatch CareGivers President Todd Houghton told Home Health Care News in an email. “Clients will benefit from increased independence, improved safety and a greater peace of mind while care providers are equipped with tools to deliver more efficient and tailored care.”


The Denver-based Homewatch CareGivers is a home care franchise company that operates in over 30 states and seven countries. The franchise employs over 4,500 caregivers at over 230 locations.

The services offered through Total Care Solutions will include daily social engagement and clinical expertise from Homewatch’s caregivers.

Houghton said the new program will enable clients to age in place with dignity on their own terms by offering “several flexible levels of service.”


Paired with the smart camera, Homewatch hopes to give its clients an improved communication system, while also addressing cost efficiency and flexibility when monitoring clients in their home.

“These cameras are integrated into clients’ homes to provide real-time connection, engagement and insights into their well being,” Houghton said. “Care providers can use this data to tailor care plans according to individual needs and preferences. The smart camera technology also allows for remote communication and collaboration with increased touchpoints through virtual care — in addition to having the caregiver in the home.”

Features of Homewatch Connect will include video calls with care professionals, remote monitoring, motion and sound detection as well as on-screen alerts for medication reminders, appointments and other scheduled tasks to keep clients active and engaged in their care plan.

“As the demand for technology-driven advancements continues to grow, Homewatch CareGivers remains at the forefront of innovation,” Houghton said. “This reimagined approach helps clients enable longer independence at home, reduce isolation and boost social engagement while helping to preserve privacy.”

The tools should also assist caregivers and providers by streamlining many of the work processes that come with a more tailored care plan.

“By combining advanced technology with personalized care, we are offering families a solution they have been looking for,” Houghton added. “It helps to ensure loved ones are well cared for through improved communication and interaction, while also offering care providers increased support, automation, cost efficiency and flexibility in monitoring and engagement.”

Both new programs are expected to officially launch this month.

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