Home-Based Care Providers Continue To Find New Use Cases For AI

More home-based care providers have become curious about the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI), especially when it comes to its potential around easing clinician and caregiver workload and improving patient outcomes. Companies like Homewatch CareGivers and Pinnacle Home Care moved past the curiosity stage, and have implemented AI tools into their operations and clinical processes. […]

Homewatch CareGivers Launches Tech-Driven Personalized Care Program

Homewatch CareGivers has launched a new suite of services, dubbed Total Care Solutions, designed to cater to a more personalized home care experience for clients and their families. The franchise company is also launching Homewatch Connect, a smart camera system that aims to promote longer independence at home, reduce isolation and boost social engagement. “This […]

Homewatch CareGivers President: There Continues To Be So Much White Space, Opportunity For New Franchise Units

Todd Houghton, the brand president at Homewatch CareGivers, has always been passionate about helping people get into business for themselves. As his career evolved, he also became passionate about helping the aging population grow older in their homes with dignity. In his role at Homewatch CareGivers, he combines these two passions. Houghton oversees and executes […]

Home-Based Care Leaders Discuss Staffing-Woe Mitigation, ‘Ghosting’ in Recruiting

Though staffing remains the top challenge for the home-based care industry, providers agree that there isn’t one universal panacea.  Instead, there are various approaches that have yielded results for different agencies across the country. One of these approaches is making sure that potential clinicians and caregivers know about the job opportunities that exist within home-based […]

How Homewatch CareGivers Plans to ‘Create’ More Home-Based Care Workers

Homewatch CareGivers (HWCG) — one of the larger home care franchises in the U.S. — is trying to remain innovative as it navigates the same external headwinds as everyone else. For instance, it’s made recent partnerships with meal preparation company Chefs for Seniors, payroll software company Viventium and the long-term care convener The Helper Bees. […]

Homewatch CareGivers Targets In-Home Nutritional Support, Partners with Chefs for Seniors

Access to quality nutrition is often one of the overlooked aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle for seniors aging in place. But companies that offer home-delivered meals can help boost patient outcomes and lower overall health care costs. Home-based care providers that are partnering with such organizations see the relationship as a “beautiful fit,” especially […]

How Homewatch CareGivers Is Handling Vaccine-Related Business Disruptions

COVID-19 vaccination efforts for front-line caregivers working in the home setting continue across the country. As that task unfolds, home care operators must now navigate related business disruptions, from scheduling challenges to clients refusing visits. At a corporate level, Homewatch CareGivers has been working to make sure its franchise owners are all up to date […]