Study: Caregiver Confidence Plays a Major Role in Heart Failure Patient Outcomes

One of the largest health conditions affecting Americans is heart failure. About 6.2 million Americans experience it every year, with home care workers often called upon to help. Just as is with many other conditions, however, home care workers are often ill-prepared to deal with these patients and lack specific training. That’s problematic because “preparedness, […]

‘Focus on the Little Things’: Tips for Attracting Caregivers During the COVID-19 Crisis

Home-based care agencies are increasingly looking to build a workforce environment that will attract caregivers and get them to stay on the job. While new data has suggested the rapidly changing labor market could work in favor of home-based care providers attempting to hire, even the most successful agencies continue to report recruiting and retention […]

In-Home Care Providers Must ‘Keep Pedal Down on Recruitment’ Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Recruiting and retaining caregivers was an industry-wide problem for home-based care providers long before the novel coronavirus began circulating throughout the United States, completely reshaping how health care is perceived. Nearly 100% of in-home care providers had recruiting concerns before the global pandemic struck, according to a trends report released in early 2020 by myCNAjobs. […]

[Sponsored] 6 Stunning Home Care Staffing Statistics and How Scheduling Technology Can Help

When CEO Brandi Kurtyka of myCNAjobs looks at the staffing challenges facing home care today, she sees a landscape that demands new solutions. “The challenge is we’re operating in a market with historically low unemployment — it’s the lowest it’s been since 1969,” Kurtyka said recently in a webinar about how technology can solve staffing […]

Caregivers Increasingly Less Likely to Work for Low Wages

Care workers are less likely to work for wages they view to be low or unfair, the 2020 National Caregiver Pay Report says.  For the last nine years, Tampa-based myCNAjobs has collected responses over a 12-month period from millions of caregivers on what hourly wage they’re willing to work for. This year’s response marked the […]

Nearly 100% of Caregivers Ready to Leave Jobs At Any Time

The competition for labor is old news for many home care agencies, but the number of workers who are ready to jump ship might be surprising even to industry veterans. Specifically, 65% of caregivers are “always looking for a better job,” while 97% are open to a job opportunity at any given time, according to […]

New Report Arms Employers for Hiring and Retaining Caregivers

A new report sheds light on how companies can attract and retain caregiving staff by revealing caregiver trends like hiring competition wage persuasion, among other data.  Competitors are actively trying to poach employees to fill their own pipeline, as 20% of professional caregivers receive 1-2 calls for work each week, regardless of employment status, according […]

Online Community Launches Accolade System for Job-Seeking Caregivers

myCNAjobs, an online community for caregivers and certified nursing assistants (CNA), announced today a new product release that uses an accolade system when hiring care aides.  Designed for home care agencies, assisted living communities and nursing homes, myCNAjobs offers a unique approach to hire companions, home health aides and nursing assistants through a real-time, on-demand […]