Memory Care Innovation Award Winner: Kim Mulquin-Shumway, VP of Clinical Compliance, Nevvon

The Memory Care Innovation program is designed to recognize passionate and innovative industry members who are shaping the future of cognitive care across behavioral health, home health and home care, hospice and palliative care, senior housing, and skilled nursing. To see this year’s inaugural Memory Care Innovation Award winners, visit Kim Mulquin-Shumway, VP of […]

 Voices: James Cohen, Co-founder & CEO, Nevvon

This article is sponsored by Nevvon. In this Voices interview, Home Health Care News sits down with James Cohen, Co-founder & CEO, Nevvon, to explore the intersection of technology, training, and home care, and Nevvon’s strategies to support future growth and innovation within the home care space. He talks about Nevvon’s approach to helping providers […]

How Home Care Providers Build Out Successful Training Programs

Building a successful and sustainable caregiver training program in personal home care demands meticulous planning and execution. From defining leadership responsibilities to establishing a comprehensive training schedule, every aspect plays a pivotal role in shaping the program’s effectiveness. Strong training programs and ongoing education also go a long way in retaining caregivers in an industry […]

Cypress HomeCare Lands Over $400,000 In Grant To Innovate Within Medicaid

Cypress HomeCare Solutions has received the Arizona Healthcare Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) American Rescue Plan (ARP) program award. The company received the award as part of partnership with Nevvon and PocketRN. Together, the companies were awarded $419,210.06. The funding will help these companies drive value-based care among the Medicaid population. “This is a demonstration grant,” […]

Home Health Providers Believe Value-Based Contracts Will Represent Over Half of Business Soon

Value-based care remains a loaded term in the home health care industry. But nonetheless, its prevalence is growing by the day. Industry insiders have recently told Home Health Care News that likely less than 5% of industry business is conducted through value-based contracts. Contrasted with that is what 42% of providers say, which is that […]

Strategic Scheduling, Training Investments Key to Clearing Home-Based Care’s Staffing Hurdles

The vast majority of home-based care organizations are dealing with capacity constraints, rising levels of staff burnout, recruitment roadblocks and other operational challenges. While many of the current hurdles are due to macro-level forces that are largely outside of an operator’s control, some can be cleared with the help of smart scheduling, strategic incentives and […]