Hospital-At-Home Enabler Resilient Healthcare Partners With Choice Health at Home

Choice Health at Home and Resilient Healthcare have formed a partnership that will give the former access to digital health technologies and hospital-at-home capabilities.

Plano, Texas-based Resilient is a technology company that enables health care organizations to deliver higher-acuity care in the home.

Meanwhile, Tyler, Texas-based Choice Health at Home is a home health, hospice, palliative care, rehabilitation and home care services provider. It operates locations across Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Nevada, Oklahoma and Texas.


The collaboration between the two companies kicked off because of another one of Resilient’s partnerships, Jackleen Samuel, CEO of Resilient, told Home Health Care News.

“We were introduced through [Community Hospital Consulting],” she said. “We were introduced because we’re providing the hospital-at-home programs for the hospital and Choice Health at Home has been their preferred provider for home health. It made sense for us to work together.”

In 2023, Resilient joined forces with Community Hospital Consulting – a Community Hospital Corporation organization – on a joint venture partnership.


On its end, Choice Health at Home has a relationship with Community Hospital Consulting that spans almost 20 years.

Even prior to this introduction, through Community Hospital Consulting, leaders at Choice Health at Home had been aware of Resilient’s work.

“Jackleen and Resilient did a lot of good work during the pandemic with the initial initiative from CMS, so we’ve watched that from afar … and we were excited to have the opportunity to work with Resilient,” Choice Health at Home CEO David Jackson told HHCN.

Through the partnership, Choice Health at Home will have access to Resilient’s comprehensive tech stack.

“We’re developing, managing and operating these hospital-level programs into the community, and when we do that, we introduce different technologies to be able to execute on higher-acuity care in the home,” Samuel said. “Some of those technologies are the actual operations and management tied to that, but others are like our 12-lead ECG device that we have a partnership with and have integrated into our program. It’s also remote patient monitoring, 24/7, continuous monitoring, and then being able to utilize those to build on the high-acute programs that we’re developing for the hospitals.”

Samuel also pointed to Choice Health at Home’s experience serving communities as being a key component of this collaboration.

“It’s one thing to program develop and whiteboard what it might look like to reinvent the delivery of health care, it’s a whole other thing to actually deliver that care,” she said. “As we’ve become pioneers or experts in the space of program development for hospitals to enter the community, working with somebody like Choice Health at Home that has a 20-year relationship in these communities and delivering this care, and knowing the clinical aspects of delivering that care, is the one of the best partnerships that we could have thought of.”

Both Samuel and Jackson noted that the partnership between Choice Health at Home and Resilient aims to bridge the gap between home health care and hospital at home.

“This is a new initiative, it’s the frontier of what’s happening,” Jackson said. “The current technologies that home health utilizes are not built for hospital at home, so we hope that a lot of the work that we do with Resilient will help bridge that gap to make hospital at home and home health accessible to more patients.”

Looking ahead, Samuel believes that this type of partnership will become more common among organizations delivering hospital-level care in the home.

“I think hospital at home becomes a marriage between hospitals, technology and providers in the home, and I don’t think it’ll be successful unless home health agencies are involved,” she said.

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